Sea Happy Wanda

Wanda St. Hilaire is a three-time breast cancer survivor with a predilection for research and a passion for delving into the psychology of wellness.

She’s made radical lifestyle changes that contributed to her healing and supported her philosophy that our lives are meant to be lived doing what we love in places that make our hearts sing.

Through writing, St. Hilaire shares what she’s learned through the high peaks of adventure and love and from the dark valleys of illness and heartbreak. Her mission is to help people overcome the self and tap into their wise inner guidance system. Her wish is to inspire others to live true to their unique and beautiful nature.

Hear from Wanda on this podcast interview on The Virgin, The Beauty & The B*tch about the book and her cancer experiences.  The first show has been uploaded to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-virgin-the-beauty-the-b-tch/id1170302194?mt=2