The Reinvent Cancer Project

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I’m on a mission. In conjunction with my book, What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” I want to give people permission to navigate cancer intuitively. My objective is to reduce stress and suffering in the world. I want people to survive cancer and discover a new and improved life post-disease—to come home to their authentic self.

Phase I:
Educate & Empower

Raise consciousness and awareness

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  • Educate and empower by getting the book into the hands of those newly diagnosed.
  • Coordinate availability of the book to health and wellness professionals, and placement into libraries.
  • Promote healing with the help of holistic integrative therapies.
  • Incite shifts in emotional habits and patterns that will diminish stress and disease.
  • Inspire people to make lifestyle changes and look at cancer in a new way.

Phase II:

Mindful application of the knowledge

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  • Inform and educate through social media and by speaking and spreading the word.
  • Form partnerships with individuals and groups whose aim is to reinvent the cancer journey.
  • Continued study, research, and interviews to share.
  • Develop workshops and online courses with creative solutions for wellness and happiness.
  • Teach prevention through stress reduction and natural, life-affirming concepts.
  • Show people how to liberate themselves to lighten up, live bigger, and love deeper.

Phase III:

Philanthropic work for cancer patients in need

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  • Fund healing trips.
  • Gift grants for holistic treatments.
  • Match grants offered by other private foundations for living expenses.
  • Offer scholarships for workshops.
  • Cover initial cancer coaching sessions.
  • Donate books.

If this book and mission resonate, please contemplate becoming a sponsor of this project.

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Life is beautiful, but unfortunately, sh*t happens.

In early 2010 I made plans to celebrate—in a big way. It was to be my 20th anniversary of living cancer-free. My best friend had also gone through breast cancer and was at the five-year mark. We had talked about Italy for a decade, so we finally booked a flight to Rome for a ‘celebration of life’ trip. I was ecstatic.

Two weeks later, I found a large lump in my left breast. It was cancer. To say I was shocked the second time around, after twenty years of good health under my belt, is an understatement.

What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” was a soul prompt—a directive I was “assigned” —to share what I’ve learned through experience and extensive research to help others. I’ll admit that I was highly reluctant to hunker down and do the countless hours of work and rehash my own painful experiences.

Yet this project pulled me from what I would classify as a five-year post cancer funk that was exacerbated by an epic flood (a natural disaster), one that ripped its way through my life just as I was rebounding.

As I wrote, my mission became clear:

• To reduce fear, stress, and suffering in this oh-so mixed up world.
• To help people make intuitive, informed decisions.
• To remind people that impossible things happen every day on planet Earth.
• To give people permission to come home to their authentic selves.

I’ve always thought that people who achieve great things—people who achieve the vision in their minds—have no fear. I now realize that we all do. The difference between the successful and those who fail to meet up with their deepest desire is not the amount of fear they harbour, it’s their ability to take action and keep on keeping on, in spite of it. My path has been wrought with some wild and wicked challenges and times of despair, but I still see great wonder and magic in life. I keep pushing myself to press on toward my vision of why I am here.

But I can’t do it flying solo. Cancer brought me to Ground Zero at mid-life. I’m doing all that I can with what I have. This dream project is my legacy for the good of all. Your contribution will have a big impact and I would love for you to be a part of the cause.

No one is untouched by cancer and the world desperately needs ambassadors to reinvent the way we navigate this disease. Will you support me in spreading a message of empowerment and a gentler, better way?

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