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If a doctor said to you, “I’m sorry, it’s cancer” how would you react? After reading this very well researched book, my answer would be “thank you.” I’d take it from there and start to ask the right questions to the appropriate people and make sure to make “my own” right decisions regarding how to proceed. 

This is exactly what this book is all about. Please make sure you do not miss a single word as you go through it.

It is very evident that Wanda St. Hilaire is a wise and loving person and she has made a huge effort to bring to everyone a “very” holistic approach to help us travel down the highway of cancer whether we are patients or friends.

Wanda’s generosity becomes evident in this encyclopedic dictionary that contains, not only personal experiences and a guideline to therapies, but also a listing of outstanding clinics that have achieved very good results.

Congratulations Wanda for this masterpiece and I hope that millions of readers make the most out of it.

Good health to all of you.

—Dr. Raymond Hilu
Clinica Hilu, Spain



“I’M SORRY, IT’S CANCER,” by Wanda St. Hilaire is a brilliantly written road map to navigating the realm of oncology. Ms. St. Hilaire addresses fundamental issues challenging everyone during their oncologic journey. These issues should be, but are not, addressed by oncologists. In fact, oncology refuses to recognize these issues as variables, which alter your outcome. The outline contained within this work is essential for anyone desiring to regain a cancer free status. If your goal is to achieve optimal health, free from cancer, then this book is an excellent resource.

—Carlos M. Garcia, M.D.
Medical Director at Utopia Wellness
Florida, USA



Wanda´s book, What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” is one of the best books I have come across during my 37 years of being a physician dealing with natural methods to try to help patients with cancer.

The research she did for this book is “amazing” … I will recommend it to all my patients who suffer from this terrible disease.

—Dr. Jose Luis Romo Razo M.D.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



I have read What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” and love it. It is very warm and right from your heart. I really think this will be a great benefit for folks going through the cancer experience. So many emotions course through our minds at the speed of light when we hear that we have cancer. It can be too much to process let alone to know the right questions to ask. There is so much fear attached to those words and the treatment, ugh … that’s another overwhelming process. Without experience I honestly don’t know how people do it. This is why your experience will be so helpful in guiding them. I highly recommend your book for those who are facing the cancer experience!

—Valerie Warwick, RN, OCN, CMS, CLT
(Oncology/Chemotherapy Nurse)
Cancer Coach, Founder of My Wellness Tutor
Hawaii, USA



Wanda’s heartfelt book is like a conversation with a trusted friend who’s been there, done that. She guides the reader gently through the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis, and then offers a range of suggestions for working through options, in both traditional and complementary medicine and self-care. This is one woman’s journey through breast cancer, made extraordinary by her willingness to share it with others who may be navigating a similar path.

—Wings of Hope Foundation
Calgary, Canada

This is a profound book written with passion and love. St. Hilaire finds a way to develop intimacy and frankness with the reader through this journey. This book opens the doors to many new possibilities for those willing to learn and delivers well-researched and practical advice.

The reader is left feeling the warmth of having sunk into a couch with a trusted friend to have a serious conversation about life. Congratulations to Wanda for delivering her wealth of knowledge and experience in a very accessible and thorough manner. This book succeeds in removing fear from cancer and leading the reader towards high ground. 

 I wish all those who read this book the very best in their journey towards health and happiness. 

—Dr. Dustin Whitney, DC.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Wanda St. Hilaire’s book is a fabulous tool for those affected by cancer. The initial shock of the big “C” washes over every patient, leaving them overwhelmed and terrified. They forget what questions to ask and their thoughts become muddled when they sit in front of the doctor. This book navigates the reader through a lot of cancer research, allowing the diagnosed to have greater understanding and insight during their own journey.
What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” also answers many questions that race through each and every patient and caregiver’s mind. It gives hope for a light at the end of the tunnel, and provides options for those affected by this terrible disease. It is a “must read” for everyone. Thank you Wanda for sharing your research and wisdom! 
—Dr. Janelle Murphy, ND
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
“I received the copy of your new book What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I read it from cover to cover. What a wonderful book. I have recommended it to at least 6 cancer patients. They all love it. The feedback is unanimous. It is a practical guidebook for patients navigating their way through the medical merry-go-round and the alternative natural maze. It is chock full of nuggets of useful information and pearls of valuable wisdom from a cancer survivor. It includes an explanation of the medical approach to cancer and then offers a potpourri of adjunctive therapies including the mental, emotional, and spiritual. From recommending healthful green drinks to helpful supplements, to finances, fasting, and forgiveness it offers a complete view of a holistic approach to cancer in general. It allows for forethought, musing, and reflection.  Kudos to you for being bold.  You have a great way of writing and synthesizing all this information.”
-Dr. Douglas Lobay, ND
 Kelowna, B.C., Canada


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“I’ve been reading your book and I just love it. I look forward to it as a little treat for myself every night. I’m almost at the end and so I’ve slowed right down because I don’t want it to end. It is so beautifully done; a wonderful combination of sage advice and related personal anecdotes. There are so many great ideas and links that I will have to read it again. This time I was eager to push through so I didn’t visit all the links that I want to.

I can’t think of anyone I know that I don’t want to read this book. I’m almost sorry it has cancer in the title because it may deter people from reading it when it is really all about personal wellness. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you for this little treasure.”

-Tana Stratton

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First note: “I was at your book launch in June. I was there because your writing spirit pulled me in with Cuban Chronicles, initially, then your blog posts filled me more. I knew there was more good coming. Of course I bought the book, but it sat on the shelf for later. “Later” arrived last week. My sister was diagnosed on August 3rd.

Immediately I grabbed your book, booked a flight to see her, and am on page 117 lying on her guest bed facing the ocean.

Cutting to the purpose of my writing you—thank you! Your timing is impeccable! This book has lifted my spirits and turned my attitude upward. I knew your writing would be delightful, but I didn’t know how valuable and useful it was going to be. Already I am FULL of ideas and directions to follow up. And I will need another copy so I can leave mine with her. Amazing work you have created here. It’s an award-winner, if I have any say.”

Second note: “Overall I loved the book, your personable style, the gems of info as ongoing reference, and the bridge it created for my sister and I to talk about ‘things.’ It helped turn our view forward and consider better things to come as a result of this diagnosis. Looking for the little miracles and gratitude listing became our focus.  

Our relationship changed as a result of this book. I don’t know what bigger outcome you could hope for, as an author, or reader! I have already recommended it to others.”

-Terry B.

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“I’m reading your book and you are absolutely brilliant. Your wild woman ‘Voice for Love’ in every sentence is POTENT. Pure potent WOW! Thank you Wanda!

For opening and pouring your heart out with so much love, to create this actual doorway for all of us to walk through what can be such a terrorizing process that need no longer be.

God bless you and your listening for all of us!”

-With Love,
Christine B.

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“Well I didn’t initially want to go to social media with my current journey. But a friend of mine passed on a great book: WHAT TO DO AFTER “I’M SORRY, IT’S CANCER” by WANDA ST. HILAIRE.

The chapter on gratitude made me realize a part of healing is sharing your journey. “Remember to give thanks and appreciate your spectacular self for your strength, your courage, and what you give others by sharing your journey with them.”

I want to thank everyone who has and continues to support me through this journey. The kindness and love that people have shown me is absolutely amazing and appreciated. Another quote from the book “I bless this cancer for showing me the love I did not realize surrounds me.”

I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I want people to remember life can change in a moment. What we do with that moment is what matters.”

-Shelley (on her Facebook page)

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“I don’t have cancer but this book is still a must read for anyone who has a personal battle or struggle to overcome. St. Hilaire is not only funny, personal, but well researched as she shows us how to navigate and conquer such a horrible disease, not once but twice.

Her holistic approach reminds us that we can steer and be the captains of our own destiny. How we approach life and its obstacles can determine our outcome. I’ll be taking this approach to many areas of my life. Thank you for your teachings and sharing all of this with us!”

-Danielle Miranda

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“Wanda has shared her personal journey with cancer (times two) and the follow up lessons as she moves forward. It is full of personal anecdotes, allowing the reader to get to know this fun and funny woman. This inspirational guidebook offers many suggestions for a positive outlook and self-care as one navigates the path from cancer diagnosis to treatment and recovery. I enjoyed Wanda’s reflections and bought a number of these books to share with friends going through health struggles.

Brava Wanda!

-Teresa Ferri

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“Wow! What an amazing book. Wanda has a way of writing that is thoughtful, interesting and yet humorous. This is a must read for anyone with cancer or knows someone going through cancer.”

-Maureen Dobranski

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“The book has already helped! I appreciate your writing it soooo much! I’m finding your style generous, informative, and oh so helpful in creating my lists of questions for providers. I really appreciate all of the links embedded.”

-Barbara Avila (breast cancer diagnosis)

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“By far the best, most relevant, most user-friendly book available on the topic of cancer! I wish it had been around when I had cancer. Everything the author writes about comes straight from her heart, her own experience, and plenty of solid research. Everyone (yes, everyone) will benefit from reading this book, whether you are a cancer patient, caregiver, survivor, or you simply want to live a healthy, happy life.”

-Rebecca Woodland

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“I have read many of Wanda St. Hilaire’s books and have always enjoyed her inspirational words, subtle humour and empowering messages.

“I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” is a must read for those facing a diagnosis of cancer.  Wanda shares her own experiences and provides sound advice and resources for taking control of your health.  It is a wonderful resource for those supporting a family member or friend struggling with the disease.

 While I have not personally faced the cancer challenge, I know several loved ones who have.  With “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” Wanda gave me a perspective on their struggle that I had not previously considered.”

-Deanna Delyea

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I was struggling with anxiety which worsened around the time of the epic Calgary flood in 2013. I happened upon a book called What to Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” I do not have cancer but I read the book, mostly out of curiosity. 

Throughout reading the book and afterward I experienced a feeling of inspiration and motivation to deal with the “challenging stuff.” I wanted to work on negative feelings. The book and Wanda’s outlook inspired me and I highly recommend it as a guide to feeling better whether dealing with cancer or any other difficult or painful events one might encounter. It would make a great gift. 
-Barbara MacIntosh