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What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” was a soul prompt—a directive I was “assigned” to share what I’ve learned through experience and extensive research to help others. I’ll admit that I was highly reluctant to hunker down and do the countless hours of work and rehash my own painful experiences, things that were required to write this book.

However, one in three is now diagnosed with cancer in North America—which loudly illustrates that we are not winning the ‘war on cancer.’ Through my research, I have learned that cancer is not as mysterious as we think it is. We are off course and the outliers and fringe researchers have proven methods to help heal cancer and prevent a reoccurrence—in tandem with traditional medicine.

This body of information is not only for those diagnosed; it also holds invaluable takeaways on what to do so that you never hear the words, “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.”

No one is untouched by cancer and the world desperately needs ambassadors to reinvent the way we navigate this disease. Will you join me in spreading a message of empowerment and a gentler, better way?


  • First and foremost, spread the word via email and through your social media with friends, followers and contacts, and old fashioned word-of-mouth during the week of the launch.
  • Like and share the official Facebook page.
  • Share memes.
  • Good karma: receive a 10% Amazon, CreateSpace or —- discount code on any quantity.

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The above sharing plus:

  • Read (or at least scan) the book prior to the launch date. (I’ll send you a PDF copy)
  • Buy the Kindle (4.99) or paperback book at a discount pre-order or on launch day (for a verified review) Paperback investment: $
  • Write a brief review the book on Amazon pre-launch. (Nothing matters more to a book’s success than Amazon reviews. It only need be a line or two.)
  • Good karma: Receive a 30% Amazon discount for any quantity.

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  • Use six degrees of separation: share my book with your media contacts and influencers.
  • Write a review on Goodreads (if you’re on it).
  • If you blog, spread the word there.
  • Reach out to your favorite podcasters and bloggers.
  • Let me know who you think I should contact for endorsements.
  • Share your ideas with me on getting the word out.
  • Follow me on Twitter and I’ll follow back @spicytraveler.

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You are welcome to share this with anyone you feel would have an interest in the cause. The bigger the squad, the more people we help through cancer.

The deadline to join is — so that I can send you the appropriate info in a timely manner.

Muchas gracias for joining the mission!